Local governments are using remotely sensed data, derivative products, and technologies to solve problems and make good decisions.

Our approach helps local governments simplify processes, reduce costs, and aid in the understanding of urban conditions, all of which benefits citizens by improving the service they receive.

Common applications include impervious surface mapping, land use or land cover mapping, and change detection.

LiDAR Feature Extraction Profile

This video provides a quick glimpse of how we can take point clouds in a LiDAR data set from different classifications and quickly extract information.

Ground points, vegetation, and buildings are typical classifications, but many more can be added depending on the site and information desired.

County Ditch Inspection

This county ditch inspection was captured using an sUAS. The red dot in the map shows the location of the inspection as it’s being flown.

This inspection method is very efficient for counties. Many miles of ditches can be covered quickly and it makes otherwise difficult sites accessible. Contact us today to schedule your ditch inspection.

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