LiDAR Surveys

Aerial LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) surveys use laser technology to survey large areas quickly and accurately. We use LiDAR data to provide information such as terrain, roadways, transmission lines, buildings, signs, trees, and miscellaneous structures. This technology accurately captures large or hard to reach areas in a fraction of the time it would take for ground-based survey technologies.

Our LiDAR acquisition platforms include a technologically advanced Leica ALS70 sensor—a LiDAR acquisition system capable of producing high density point cloud data for corridor, urban, flood plain, or general-purpose LiDAR data. Leveraging our proprietary aviation, acquisition, and production assets, we operate and control our entire LiDAR mapping process workflow—from acquisition to final client approval—ensuring timely delivery of accurate data that’s been subject to rigorous quality standards through every step of the process.

Common Point Densities

The overall cost of a LiDAR project is largely driven by its point density. There are many considerations in picking a point density, including the level of detail that needs to be visible in the dataset. A higher point density leaves less space between points, therefore revealing more features in the point cloud than sparse data.

LiDAR Point (Pulse) Density is typically described by points per square meter (ppm).  Sample densities include:

  • Bare Earth, DTM, DSM, County GIS Planning: 7 ppm
  • Corridors and 3D Modeling: 15 ppm
  • NERC Transmission Rerating Projects: 30 ppm

7 ppm Example

15 ppm Example

30 ppm Example

Some Common Applications

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  • 3D Modeling
  • Airport Facilities Survey
  • Engineering Applications
  • Floodplain Evaluation
  • Forestry Mapping
  • Land Use Mapping And Planning
  • Municipal GIS
  • Terrain Analysis, DEM, DTM
  • Transportation Planning
  • Urban Planning
  • Utilities
  • Utilities Corridor Monitoring
  • Viewshed Analysis
  • Volumetric Studies
  • Watershed Analysis

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